While the pandemic has been a struggle for many businesses, that's not been the case for some of Minnesota's Airbnb rentals.

The pandemic has been a struggle for many businesses

The ongoing pandemic here in Minnesota has been devasting for much of the hospitality industry in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. (It's tough to make a profit when you're subject to government orders limiting capacity, as bars and restaurants were for many weeks.)

But not for ALL Minnesota businesses are struggling

We've already heard how massive chain retailers (like Minnesota's own Target) have experienced record growth and sales during 2020. And, now, Airbnb says that many rural, off-the-beaten-path rentals both here in Minnesota and across the country have done well-- and are poised to keep doing well this summer.

Check out the latest 2021 forecast from Airbnb:

Airbnb guests are increasingly planning their summer travel, opting for off-the-beaten path locations. Searches for more remote destinations in the US over Memorial Day Weekend have increased by nearly 40 percent just in the past month–also indicating a potential economic boom for prospective Hosts in these locales.

Minnesota Airbnb hosts could really cash in

That sounds good for the many rural Airbnb rentals that are still within driving distance of home to most Minnesotans, whether they're located Up North (by Brainerd, don'tcha know) or along Minnesota's scenic North Shore.

In fact, according to BringMeTheNews, some of those Airbnb rentals here in Minnesota have taken in TWICE the amount of money they usually do. "Hosts in Greater Minnesota have raked in $23 million since the beginning of the pandemic. That's nearly double the amount they earned in 2019," BringMeTheNews noted. In fact, they said Airbnb cited figures that typical Minnesota hosts have taken in just under $7,000 over the past year-- up from the estimated $3,300 they would normally earn.

Hurry-- bookings are already filling up fast

So if you're looking to spend a staycation a rental at an Airbnb here in Minnesota sometime this summer, you'd best get going-- because, much like last year, many of the prime properties are already seeing bookings fill up for the summer season. (Click HERE to take a look.) And some, like Opel's Cabin 1 overlooking Lake Superior in Grand Marais, is already booked through September!

Now, while you might NOT be able to stay for a weekend at this property-- because it's not for rent-- it IS still the most expensive home in the entire state of Minnesota. Curious what it looks like? Keep scrolling to check out the pictures!

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