Earlier this month we let you know that a local pizzeria, Pizzeria 201 in Montgomery, was teasing some SPAM-related food was coming soon. Well, the wait is over, as the SPAM-tacular menu has been revealed and there is even a SPAM-related dessert for you to try if you are feeling adventurous. And after the last year, who isn't? Here is what you can try that features Southern Minnesota's own SPAM at Pizzeria 201.

Dive into your dining experience with Garlic SPAM Knots, or SPAMballs with spaghetti as appetizers. After you've sampled or shall I say SPAM-pled the appetizers, it's on to what you really want, some SPAM pizza.

Pizzeria 201 is offering up, what I think sounds REALLY good, Spicy SPAM pizza. According to the social media post from Pizzeria 201, the pizza will have "Classic SPAM marinated in Sriracha, honey & lime, topped w/a cilantro-lime slaw."

If spicy isn't your style, which is cool, Pizzeria 201 is also offering up a SPAM Hawaiian pizza option, just ask for SPAM rather than the traditional Canadian bacon/ham that is on top.

For dessert, which you may need to try after you rest from all that pizza you are about to eat, the folks at Pizzeria 201 have candied some SPAM, and have put it atop some vanilla cheesecake!

If you are feeling SPAM-tastic, you've only got a limited time to order this menu as the SPAM-related items will only be around through March 14th according to Pizzeria 201's Facebook post.

For those who aren't into SPAM there are other non-SPAM options on the menu, but come on and live a little. I think I've mentioned before my wife and I were married in Austin and had some of our wedding photos taken at the SPAM museum, so needless to say I know our house will be enjoying some canned goodness in various forms from the '201' this weekend.

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