This is utterly amazing. Spinach in your heart? Yes! Well, at least, if things go well, yes!


It's only in the experimental phase, but how cool would it be to know Popeye's best friend is keeping people alive, from the inside?

According to the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, spinach leaves have veins that can carry blood to grow human tissue! Mind blowing, isn't it?

In a series of experiments, the team cultured beating human heart cells on spinach leaves that were stripped of plant cells. They flowed fluids and microbeads similar in size to human blood cells through the spinach vasculature, and they seeded the spinach veins with human cells that line blood vessels.

Apparently, they've done it with parsley, too. But spinach seems to be the real deal. Time will tell, and holy cap, right? Too cool.

Here's the video from the Institute.

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