Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - Rochester Police are still waiting for autopsy results, but officials say it appears the sub-zero cold likely contributed to the death of a 22-year-old man over the weekend. Officers found 22-year-old Ali Gombo lying on the deck at the rear of the apartment he shared with a relative at 917 4th Avenue Northwest after police received a 911 call around 10 AM Sunday.

Police Lieutenant Mike Sadauskis says investigators do not believe foul play was involved, but are still investigating. They did determine Gombo had been out drinking Saturday night and was given a ride home by some friends after he was asked to leave Charlie’s Eatery and Pub around 2 AM Sunday. The friends told police they dropped him off at about 2:30 AM and saw he walking toward his apartment wearing a hooded sweatshirt as they drove away. It was around 10-degrees below zero at the time.

Lieutenant Sadauskis says Gombo did not have a key to the residence because he was prone to lose them and would have to knock on the door of windows to awaken his relative to get inside. Footprints in the snow suggest he tried knocking on more than one window and the door to the apartment. There’s also evidence may have tried knocking on the door to a neighboring house.

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