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If you leave your site open for comments without approval, you are going to see some interesting comments.  That is what has happened with the Rochester Rapid Transit Project interactive map.

The big news around town is all about improving our transportation, especially between the downtown Rochester area, Mayo Civic Center, and the Rochester-Olmsted Government Center.  According to the Rochestermn.gov website, more than 21,800 vehicles and 13,000 transit riders travel the 2nd Street SW corridor each day.

Right now, an interactive map is up and ready for some feedback.  It's a great idea, especially as these plans are being worked on during a pandemic, but one comment had me laughing so hard...it says, "Filled with geese poop" in a spot pinpointed at the South Fork Zumbro River by the Government Center.

You'll laugh so hard at the comment on this Rochester, Mn map

When I first heard about this on a Facebook group, I thought it was for all of downtown Rochester but just mixed up the words "crow" and "geese" because we've had some conversations about that issue lately too. 

Overall, this is probably NOT the type of feedback that they were expecting through the interactive map but, it is pretty funny.

If you've got suggestions for the Rapid Transit Project, you can learn more and put your tip on the map too.  

What's one change that you would like to see made in Downtown Rochester?  Send me a message!  You can find me easily on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or on my Instagram page here.

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If I could fix one issue, it would be the crow poop problem.  It seriously almost made me throw up on a walk I had recently (I took photos of it...see those below!)  And yes, I know that the claim is that it has been too cold to clean this up.  Well, "too cold" is not an answer I'm willing to accept for a problem that has been in Rochester for years, especially when we have had a very unseasonably warm December and January.  Every problem has a solution.  Waiting for the right temperature in Minnesota is not a good one.

Does Rochester, Mn have a crow problem? This poop says 'yes'!

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