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Prince was an odd cat. And I mean that in a good way. You come up the way he did, you learn a lot of people want to rip you off. In fact, for Prince, the people he could almost always count on, the ones that wouldn't rip him off, were his fans, so he put 'em first.

This is the story of a time he did NOT put a fan first. That fan was Wesley Snipes, and it's an amazing story right outta the Twin Cities. It was recorded earlier this month for episode two of Andrea Swensson's Up All Night with Prince (click HERE).

They were talking to Prince's live engineer, Scottie Baldwin, who was talking about Prince's loyalty to fans...

Prince said to me, "Hey, guess who wants to come to the show?" And I said, I don't know. He said, "Wesley Snipes." I said oh, cool. And he said, "Yeah, he called me and he asked for tickets." And I said, "Well, how many do you need?" And he said, "Six." And he said, "Okay, that'll be $900." And he said, "No, no, no, I was just figuring you'd give me six tickets." And he said, "Oh, oh, oh, okay. Well, when I watched your movie, Passenger 57, I rented out a whole theater and it sucked." He said, "I know my show is worth $150 a piece," or whatever it was. And so we laughed about that. (Source)

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But the story didn't end there. Prince's fan club had a special section up front (from the front row to the soundboard). Lotsa seats, all filled with major fans. Everyday people. Scottie Baldwin said at that concert he looked behind the soundboard and who was there? Wesley Snipes, wearing his sunglasses.

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