You know those Yule-Log videos? It’s a video of a fire in a fireplace. Well, I saw one on the youtubes and it reminded me of one Christmas I spent where Pictionary and a joke literally ruined Christmas for everyone but me. They had a fake fireplace, they shoved the TV and VCR in there and ran that tape all night.

To go with the Fake Fireplace, and Fake Fire, they had, “Fake Family Gets Along Time”…it coulda been a Lifetime Movie.

Highlights include a game of Pictionary ending when the youngest and very drunk son in the family knocked out the oldest and very drunk son for not taking the game seriously…and for some other stuff, I assume.

Another highlight, the mom being upset that the dad once again got her a joke gift. Mom cried, went to her room. Dad laughed, and went to the den.

Not to be left out, my girlfriend was upset I didn’t get her a more expensive gift. I was making $200/week, I could barely afford to take care of myself. Still, I got her a nice necklace, but she wanted diamond stud earrings. She gave the necklace to her little sister and told me to go home.

I did…and honestly, I look back at it as a blessing in disguise.

Anyway, the video I saw on the youtubes was a traditional yule-log video, with a couple fighting in the background. It would have been PERFECT at that Christmas. Some of the language is NOT safe for work.

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