Minnesota is home to a lot of interesting animals and sometimes, they surprise us at times when we aren't expecting them.  Frogs jumping out, spiders that show up in the shower, bats that fly towards your face, snakes slithering on bike paths - these can all happen at any moment.  When we get any of that on camera...even better.  ;)  But what animal in Minnesota freaks us out the most?

Last week, a baby woodchuck decided that it wanted to use my garage as its home.  My kids were screaming as it went across the driveway and I, of course, had to go take a look too.  Click here to view the video of the baby woodchuck (which I know - I called a different name at first).

What animal freaks us Minnesotans out the most?  I asked all of the listeners on Y105FM and 103.1 KFIL and the overwhelming response was...snakes.  I've had my own issues with the slithering animal...and they weren't good.  Check out the Facebook video below to hear how many snakes were hanging out at my home where I grew up.

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