Looking for a family game that will bring you TONS of laughs!  I tried one out and we had so much fun!  Celebrities are even getting on board with this one and sharing their videos – which are pretty funny.

Games like Uno, Skip-Bo and Monopoly have their place at family game night but rarely bring laughs at my house. We’ve also got a pretty big range of ages with our kids and so what works for the teenagers is sometimes too challenging for the youngest. No one wants to play a game when someone says, “that’s boring!”.

What is the next game that you should play? “Watch Ya’ Mouth” or “Speak Out”   I’ve played “Watch Ya’ Mouth” but these games look to be very similar. They are so simple

speak out (1)

and so silly, it will have someone in your group laughing so much, they cry.

My inlaws brought out a game for us to try and at first, all I saw were these big plastic things. What were those? Where do they go? They started to explain how the game works and it all started to make sense…and I knew that I would soon look pretty silly.  You can get an idea of how the game works by watching Mandy Moore on the Ellen Show.  (I put the video at the end for you)

Want to buy one now? I’ll save you the trouble of searching and give you the links to Amazon right here: Watch Ya Mouth Game and Speak Out Game

Looking for some other family game night suggestions?  This link has a few other fun games that you can try out:  The Five Best Kid-Friendly Games To Play

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