Kaelin, a 14 year old girl, was quite disturbed when she found this blueberry muffin that looks exactly like her dog. She took to Tumblr to post about her dismay.  I take it she didn't eat the muffin?  I will say, looking at the photo of this muffin and the photo of the dog, they do look eerily similar.   


It's funny how many objects people can say look like something.   Take clouds for example.   Do you see the elephant in the clouds?  Or the giant heart? Or the toasts you find on ebay, or even Wheaties.  

I think sometimes our minds trick us.  She is on to something when I look at the pictures, but is it because she loves her doggie so much that he is on her mind so immediately she says, gosh that looks like my dog? Or is it some kind of odd sign?  If so, what could it mean?   Have you ever seen something else in something?  What do you think about this?