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Rochester, Minnesota, bucks the trends when it comes to vehicles that'll last 200,000 miles or more. Across the United States of America the #1 vehicle most likely to go over 200,000 miles is the Toyota Land Cruiser.

But not in Rochester. In fact, Toyota has 6 vehicles nationwide that make up most of the top ten, but not in Rochester. What is number on in Rochester? The Chevy Suburban. 11.3% of the Suburbans are over 200,000 miles, the highest percent for Rochester and Austin, Minnesota, as well as Mason City, Iowa.

Top Five In Rochester, Austin, Mason City - (% of Cars Over 200k Miles)

Chevrolet Suburban 11.3%

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  • Personal note: Back in 1987, my dad borrowed a Suburban to move a bunch of stuff and it was one ugly, sturdy, workhorse. Also, it was HUGE!

Honda Odyssey 11.1%

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Chevrolet Tahoe 10.4%

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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 6.2%

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Toyota Prius 5.7%

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iSeeCars analyzed over 11.8 million vehicles to see which ones were most likely to go the distance. And generally, what's true for the nation is true in Rochester; truck based SUV's rule the list.

Nationwide, the only sedan to make it was the Avalon. Though, again, in Rochester...not so much. The Avalon sedan didn't make our list, but the Toyota Prius did.

In Minneapolis / St. Paul, the list is more like the nationwide findings, with Toyota Sequoia coming in on top with a 15.0%. You know what that tells you? We're more interesting down here. 

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If you have and use almost any of the cars on this next list, they most certainly have gone over 200,000 miles. What was the car from your birthday?

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