Does your fridge look like this? Do you live by The Code of the Fridge?


I just discovered that we have a Code of the Fridge here at our house. I was in the kitchen making myself a sandwich, and my son, Ethan, walked in. He opened the fridge door and grabbed the Dew (tm) I was going to have with the sandwich I was making myself. In a second he had it opened and was about to take a sip. When he caught me watching him, he asked if he could have it.

I kinda live by a certain food code:

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I asked Ethan why he grabbed the Dew (tm) from The Fridge. He said it didn't have a name on it, so it was fair game. That's right. Unless I label my soda or food in The Fridge, it's FAIR GAME!

I learned this the hard way.

Saturday we all got ice cream. I got a Buster Bar (tm) I was stuffed from dinner, so I put it in the freezer - unmarked!

Sunday - it was gone!

I have a pretty good idea who took and ate my ice cream. There was one suspect that I told that I was looking forward to eating it. My daughter, Bella, asked if I had put my name on it. I said no. She laughed that maniacal, evil super-villain laugh.

When I discovered my missing ice cream, there was only one thing I could do...

August Blizzard
August Blizzard

Console myself with some ice cream over the loss of my ice cream.

I picked up the boys from a friends house, and I reminded Justin that he had ice cream in the freezer. He said that no he ate his already. Wait, what now? What ice cream did you eat? The Buster Bar (tm) that was in the freezer. He at that. It was his. No, there was some ice cream with M & M's (tm) in a cup. THAT was his.

So, now there's extra ice cream in the freezer. Unlabeled.



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