Do you remember what you were doing at seven years old? I do, and it was nothing like this!

On Monday mornings, when I don't think my own mental gear shift is working, I want to use the story of seven-year-old Kaden Newton. Maybe it's Kaden's parents' story, since they were right behind him all the way.

Kaden realized a goal he's had since he was four. To help feed the hungry. His story showed up on Huffington Post the other day.

In order to help him realize his goal when he was four, Kaden's parents helped him donate food to the local Channel One in Rockwall, Texas, near Dallas. Now, at age seven, he's started his own charity.

He encourages adults to donate "kid-friendly" food like spaghetti, peanut butter, Rice Crispies, and Chef Boyardee.

The inspiring part of the story is, even though his parents are a little surprised by this seven-year-old prodigy, they are behind him all the way. That's not unusual, right? Parents support and encourage their kids to do amazing things!

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