We're all big kids here - I'm probably the biggest one! Seeing this, I felt like my kids had followed me to work from home!

He looked at me with the same question in his eyes I had in mine. Did you do this? It wasn't me, I wasn't there! It was The One-Armed-Man! You find that man! You find that man!

My kids do this all the time at home. They'll use the last square, then set the new roll on the counter, or on top of the thing, instead of putting it on the thing the way it's supposed to go on the thing. I'm not sure which one of the kids does this. If I point a finger at the wrong one...

It seemed like my kids had followed me from home to work. My buddy down the hall, Scotty took this picture in the Men's Room.

Scotty Matthews

Wow. That looks so familiar. My kids do that all the time at home. That's what popped into my head when I first saw the picture. And then, I remembered this basic tutorial.


What strange and unusual things do you notice around where you work?


Hear the one about the bear that broke in? He wasn't lookin' for porridge, a place to sit or a place to nap, he was tryin' to find his chopsticks...