Dennis Fredericksen sang backing vocals on a song from the 80's that I always loved.  I used to toss quarter after quarter into the jukebox to hear this song.  He has been living in Minnesota since the 1990's. 

He was known professionally as Fergie Frederiksen and he died over the weekend at the age of 62 in Mound, MN. Frederiksen lost his battle with liver cancer on Saturday.  He sang for 'Survivor' on the 'Eye Of The Tiger', a childhood favorite of mine, and was the lead singer of the band 'Toto.'  The current members of the band posted this on their Facebook page:

I remember the first time I heard 'Africa.'  It is one of those songs that left a lasting memory in my mind.  It really was and still is a fantastic song.   I was pretty little, and my parents had taken me shopping at the mall.   We were in a store and surrounded by a entire row of sound systems and this song was playing.  It stopped me dead in my tracks in the aisle.

I was so young, maybe 8 or 9?    I have always loved music, and I have even gone as far as watching the speaker like one would watch their television.  I suppose that is how I ended up having such a passion for playing music and being on this radio station.  I was a rather odd child, very musical, very fascinated by sounds, chords, voices, instruments, anything that I found 'ear-candy.'  This song was one of them, that for me, sparked that passion. Fergie was not the singer featured in this video, however it was performed hundreds of times during his 'Toto' Tenure. David Paich was the singer of this hit.

Here is a timeline of the band, 'Toto', and you can see that 'Fergie' was in for a short time in the 80's.   He has been known to speak so highly of his time with the band, citing it as a highlight of his career.   He came into the group right after the huge success they had with 'Africa' and no doubt it was a staple for their live performances.


Above, is a more recent musical piece from Fergie.  I think you'll agree with my opinionated ears, he was a truly talented musician.

Fergie played in the Twin Cities with his, 'Fergie Frederiksen Band.'  He had been ill for quite some time, and there was a benefit organized for him on December 15, 2013 with several bands on the bill.  Below is a clip from that tribute performance which was held in Minnesota.  It featured performances and appearances from members of and the following bands: Santana, Toto, Boston, Lynyrd Skynrd, Journey and Survivor.

Check out these funky shaped limited edition picture discs.  Yes, these were actual working records!  I will forever be grateful for the talent he possessed, the memories I have of hearing his musical skills.   He traveled in and out of various bands, but is tied to some great music.   RIP Fergie.

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