Remember your First Time?

I'm not one to kiss and tell, but I remember my first kiss.


Cathy and I have known each other since high school. I remember the first time I asked her out. I remember our wedding day.

I remember when I had HAIR!
From the Bergchives
Cathy and Dave

I've been keeping track of our kids' milestone events. Their "Firsts". Since they've come home to us, everything has been new for us and for them. But there are some firsts I just can't keep track of.

Party of Five

There's been a recent poll, where parents were asked what they thought the right age for some milestone firsts. The best age to start an allowance is ten-years-old. First sleepover is at eleven. First time to stay Home Alone is thirteen.

Justin, Ethan, Bella
From the Bergchives

The First Kiss? 15. Right now, all three of my kids are fifteen. I remember fifteen. I remember my first kiss, too. First Date? 16. I'm kinda surprised that a First Kiss would come a whole year before a First Date, right? Isn't that kinda how you wrap things up after that time time out together? Sorry if that sounds crude, but the perfect end to the perfect first time, like going to see Suicide Squad, would be a quick peck on the lips before her parents see and give the stink-eye.

The best age to get a job? Fifteen-and-a-half. So, you "steal" a first kiss at fifteen, realize it's the Real Deal, get a job at fifteen-and-a-half, and then save up some lettuce for that first date. Makes perfect sense to me.

The good news is the best age for The Talk is twelve-and-a-half.