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I'm not exactly sure what is waiting inside the brown bag but I do know parents are saying that their kids are loving it!  So, here's the low down in case you haven't heard about the grab bags at the Rochester Public Library.

Google Street View
Google Street View

The Rochester Public Library had to pivot just like everyone else once the pandemic hit.  Going to a library, wandering around, touching books just isn't a safe option as we are dealing with COVID.  In their pivot, they have put together amazing ways to continue serving the community while we are all living life apart.  The latest is...Grab Bags!

Have you grabbed a Grab Bag for your kids and teens yet?
We have bins of Grab Bags available for five different age groups/ grades: Pre-K, K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6-8th, and 9-12th.
Swing by our Walkup Windows during open hours and use your library card to grab your Grab Bag(s). - Rochester Public Library Facebook Page


If you haven't utilized the Rochester Public Library lately or would like to know more about what they are offering right now, check out their website here.

Aren't the warmer days and bright sunshine just amazing?  We are all soaking it up and loving this weather but deep down inside, there are a few things about spring we actually hate.  Squishy dog turds that now need to be picked up in your yard are one of the many things on the list.  Keep reading to see what else is a little bit on the gross side this time of year.

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