I'm not a fool, when I saw what it was, I really saw what it was. As Tracy put it, "Oh, we're putting this on the air!" So...what was the picture I almost used, not once, but at least five times? 

It might sound like click bait. And sure, we've clickbaited. Everyone does as some point. But it is just so outrageously odd I didn't it when I first looked at the picture, well...words almost fail me.

What I was doing was putting together the finalists for the Y Do You Love Your Mother Give Away. Someone's going to get $250 to spend on their mom.

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I was putting all the finalists in a blog, and, if they had a picture, matching the picture to the story. When a picture wasn't included, I found a nice, happy looking heart to use. I'd finished about five of 'em when, just by chance my eye caught the file title.


No way. That must be a mistake. I never check the file names, who needs 'em? It's a picture that I liked, so I used it.

Oh boy. I shoulda read the file name. It makes it 100% clear what it is, and where the heart is placed.

There are a bunch of reasons I could come up with, like, "Oh, I love them so much I was drawn to it." or "...umm...yeah, actually. After that I kinda fall into more inappropriate language and jokes, so, I'll stop.

Because I know kids can read this, I'm going to make you promise you're old enough to see not a dirty picture...but certainly a whoooaaaa! picture. A "How did...James, you're not serious!" picture.

Also, I'm making it one more click, juuuuust in case.

Pubes heart

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