Tracy and I learned about the new Einstein caffeinated bagel on Monday, and so we had to road trip to try 'em. Well, road trip to Broadway North. Did we like 'em?

Yes and no. Or no and yes, depending on who you ask first.

CREDIT: Einstein Bagels, click for link.
CREDIT: Einstein Bagels

We both love the idea of a bagel with as much caffeine as a small cup of coffee or a can of pop/soooooda. After all, you're eating and drinking at the same time without the hassle of changing up the thing in your hand.

Plus, you get to shmear the cream cheese all over the place. That's two great reasons.

So, off we went in the brand new station vehicle (looking for reasons to use it, eh?), and visited poor Emily at the Einstein / Caribou across from Silver Lake Shopping Center.

From the James Rabe Collection

Anyway, I liked it! Nothing fancy, but a nice clean taste, a hint of coffee and chocolate, and some pep in your step. With a bit o'cream cheese good, with lox? Oh yeah, done and done, I'm in.

WARNING: Don't try to drive while eating a B and L sammich. It deserves more focused taste time.

Tracy wasn't a fan, saying she felt it was a bit bitter. A bit bitta. But, she pointed out she likes a bunch of other stuff there. Especially the bun with a bunch of seeds all over it (her description).

Along the way we encountered many things to look and mention. I have a bit of an attention issue, and it's fun being with Tracy, so the Vlog gives you a pretty accurate read on what it's like to hang out with me.

I'm certain Tracy napped following our outing.

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