Pumpkin pie? Cherry Pie? Apple Pie? You cannot have a Thanksgiving feast without dessert, especially pie! If you are a fan of pie!

What is the most popular pie for Thanksgiving? I was surprised by the results of a survey I found on www.foodbeast.com.  


  • Apple - 20%
  • Strawberry - 19%
  • Pumpkin - 16%
  • Cherry - 13%
  • Blueberry - 9%
  • Pecan - 8%
  • Lemon Meringue - 8%
  • Chocolate - 5%

I would have guessed pumpkin to be the most popular pie for Thanksgiving.

Apparently, pies were originally filled with meat and called coffins! I thought this was a very interesting fact about the history of pies.

Recently, blueberry and cherry pie seems to be on the rise in popularity because of the desire for antioxidants.  Why not sink your teeth into a healthy option, a hearty slice of blueberry or cherry  pie topped with a dab of light whipped topping! Oooh, that sounds so delicious!

So, enjoy your Thanksgiving feast this year with good food, family and friends!

What is your favorite pie?