Scrolling thru the Twitters I found this Buyer Need that floored me. I've never seen anything like it before.

I searched and searched and Trulia, they said a smart way to price your home is by using numerology. Lucky 7 in Nevada, Lucky 9 in the Northeast, and they say 8 is found in a lot of Asian majority neighborhoods.


But this isn't selling, this is buying. On Real Estate  they spoke to Australian numerologist Max Coppa and he said...

“A house’s street number can reveal important insights in to the energy of the house, and quite possibly its future potential. If you’ve ever imagined being able to look at a house number and instantly assess whether that home will be a perfect match for you, you have to realize the key is in your date of birth." that has to be it. The person wants such specific numbers in their house number for something like good luck, a perfect fit, etc.

Have you run into this? Is it the correct assumption to make or could it be something else?

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