Science crunched the numbers on household chores and here are the results.

So here are the results. Science crunched the numbers on household chores. She's still doing more than we do. Around our house we try to split it 60/40. You can probably guess how that shakes out.

Still, the average woman cleans three times a week.

She cooks an hour a day - and hates every second of it. Which explains both the long drive-thru lines and why it's so hard to get a table any where after six on a Friday night!

She secretly loves to vacuum. I mean - what's not to love about vacuuming? It's calming and relaxing. All the stress of the day just melts out through the heels and toes and into the carpet, where it's sucked up into the vacuum and then tossed into the

She spends five hours a week doing laundry. I think that number is kinda low even for an average. We have three kids, so it seems like the washer and dryer is always going - 24/7/365!

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