You know when you see something and you just can't stop laughing about it? That happened to me in front of Rochester's Chuck E. Cheese's. I know what they meant, but you'll see why I was laughing my butt off. 

I just love signs like that. I know they mean they're looking for someone to work lunches, but just imagine breakfast applying for the job.

Manager - Well, I see by your resume you are breakfast, and we're hiring lunches right now.

Breakfast - That's true...but I know I can adapt.

Manager - But you're breakfast...look at you, all eggy, sausagey, and pancakey.

Breakfast - Many patrons enjoy breakfast 24 hours a day.

Manager - ((sigh)) We're hiring lunches, I'm sorry.

Breakfast - ((stands up on his two bacony legs)) That's it...I'M SUING!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd scene!

Speaking of funny signs, this was in a blog I wrote a while back...enjoy!

I was just minding my own business when I saw a funny marquee about Todd. I did a little hunting, and discovered Sav-Mor Liquors has a real sense of humor, tho they also have tight lips! I can't find any information about who writes 'em, or when it started. I do have one suggestion (one I'm sure they've heard before). I'd change the name of this store to LAF-MOR. Not that anyone asked me...

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