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Chicago, New York Style, pie, a cheesy slice of heaven…call it whatever you want but who has the best pizza in Rochester, MN?  We asked and you answered. After three weeks of voting, here are Rochester's official top 10 favorite pizza joints.

Rochester's Favorite Pizza Places in 2020

Thanks to everyone who took a few seconds and put your vote in on our app! We'll announce the next Rochester Favorites category soon!

The real question though should be...does pineapple belong on pizza?  Let me know if you are throwing that fruit on your pizza over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Personally, it's a no go for me.  I remember when pineapple first became a thing in my hometown of Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Our family loved grabbing a few tables at Godfather's on a Friday night and having "pizza night".  It was all fun and dandy until the one time they ordered the "new" type of pizza.  I took one bite of the cheese, bread, and fruit mixture and spit it out.  From then on, I became a diva when it came to pizza and had to have them order my own pizza for me.  I have no guilt or shame in costing my family more money every Friday night.

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