With only a few clues, a dad and his son have uncovered the hiding place of the Rochesterfest medallion. According to the Rochesterfest website, the Vettings found it at 7:45 Tuesday morning in Allendale park under a bush. They said they "were led to this park by searching coat of arms and the names of Rochester parks in the northeast quadrant. The Allendale coat of arms is a lion and eight crescent moons. Looked under a bush which has four letters. Allendale is a compound of two names Allen and Dale."

If you weren't searching for the medallion, here are the clues that led them to its discovery:

Clue #1

A Super Celebration and two of the three dozens, I’ve served up this fine mystery. Where a city may learn or inculcate the lesson. My hiding place open but keepin’ you guessin’.

Clue #2

The sun may not rise but will shadow my space. The note and the flick tease the side of my face. Where two join as one, onomastics prevail. Are you closer to guessing the point of this tale?

Clue #3

Numerologists four is the sum of my shroud. Total letters and see if you’re not easily cowed. Though the cow to porcine form a line near my locus, continue on through so you won't lose your focus.

Clue #4

The octet of the crescents and lion do coat. The name of the forest and fourth now promote. His title is same and his peerage renowned. A winner you'll be even down for viscount.

Would you be able to find it based on these clues? Impressive Vettings! Very impressive.

You can check out the bonus clues, and get all the explanations of all the clues on the Rochesterfest website.

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