One of my favorite places in Southeast Minnesota is Deer Creek Speedway!  The cars.  The dirt.  The people.  And I met some of the most amazing people last Saturday.   Truly, my heart is happy when I get to meet new people and learn a bit about their lives.  Oh, and take selfies.  And I took A LOT of selfies!

But there is one specific person that I met that I need to introduce you to.  Why?  Well, he is already changing the world to be a better place...and he is only 9 years old.  (And yes, he is one of the many selfies!)

Last Saturday was Pink Out Night at Deer Creek Speedway and it was so much fun!  Join the Journey was there with great prizes that people could win through their silent auction, t-shirts were being sold that were pink and adorable, and a 50/50 raffle was going on that was helping raise funds for Join the Journey too.

That's how I met Blake.  He is 9 years old and had his apron on and was walking all over Deer Creek Speedway with his bucket of tickets helping raise money for Join the Journey.  If you were there, you probably heard me chat with him on the microphone in front of the entire crowd.

I wasn't sure if Blake would be too nervous to talk with me, because sometimes people with a microphone seem scary.  I had a little bit of insight though about Blake because earlier that night I had a chat with his grandma.  Three years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and since that moment, Blake has been helping raise money in whatever way he can. His grandma shared with me that at one point, he even emptied his piggy bank.

Blake and his family have no idea that I am writing this and I know that Blake was excited to get his picture taken with me, but Blake, if you are reading this, I gotta say that I am the one that is honored to take that selfie with you.  You are an amazing example of how to be a good human being and how to serve and help others.  (I know that your grandma is super proud of you too!)

So thankful that I got to hang out with Blake and so many other new friends on Saturday!  I got a ton of pictures so check those out below.

I'll be back at Deer Creek Speedway again!  I've got my fingers crossed that at some point I can be there behind the wheel of a car.  🏎️

Deer Creek Speedway - Y105FM

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