In May, I taste-tested Kwik Trip's fried chicken. I loved it, but could only get it in Byron. We all knew they were going to offer the fried chicken at other locations, but had no idea when. Well, now we know when AND where.

I had a hint Rochester was about to get fried chicken when I stopped by Kwik Trip this morning for a sammich and saw an extra hot spot unit (see picture). They'd also rearranged a bunch of stuff, so sandwiches and salads are now behind the Hot Spot.

KWIK TRIP - Inside New empty Hot Spot

The clerk confirmed, "yes...we're going to be serving chicken soon." A quick check online and boom. Here are the Kwik Trips that'll be serving fried chicken, gravy, potatoes, corn, and more starting September 23rd.

  • The Bandel Road NW Kwik Trip (just off 65th street)
  • The Sarah Place NW Kwik Trip (just of West Circle Drive near HyVee)

Here's the price breakdown for hot chicken. They also sell chicken cold at lower prices, and that's my favorite.

CREDIT: Kwik Trip Click for link
CREDIT: Kwik Trip Click for link

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