It was The Customer Is Wrong Day, so I asked for your Rochester Customer Horror Stories. And I got some doozies, and some great retail worker come-backs!! 

First, the Face Timing Customer vs The K-Mart Clerk!

Now, let's get to the best of the best stories you shared!

Jil In high school I worked in a grocery store. I was working later at night and business was slow. A man walked in front of the registers smoking a cigar. I said as nicely as I could "Sir, I'm sorry, but there's no smoking in the store." The man replied gruffly "I don't need some young girl telling me what to do!!" I calmly said "No sir, you're right. The sign on the door tells you what to do." He had no response and stormed away. I called my manager immediately to tell him what I'd said. He laughed and said "Good for you!!"

Ha! Love he stomped off!

The woman that was angry at the wrong people.

Angie A couple years ago, the day after Christmas a lady came in, storm clouds over her head from the get go, mad because her husband had come in on Christmas Eve at 6 PM to buy her a Camera for Christmas and had purchased the wrong memory card to go with it. She wanted to return the camera and was mad at us because she did not get any pictures of her kids on Christmas morning. She was particularly mad at me, because even though I agreed to return the camera because she had all the packaging and receipt, I was not sympathetic to her problem or feeling sorry for her. When I didn’t show the appropriate amount of sympathy she wanted to talk to a manager. Basically, she just wanted to take her anger on anybody else but the person who deserved it, her husband.

And finally, the story that makes you go ewww, gross!

Shiobhan Worked in a call center overnight and men would call and not have issues with their service, but would be (CHANGING THEIR OWN OIL) themselves over the phone. Fun stuff...

I have an ex-girlfriend that dealt with the same kind of creeps in a Victoria's Secret call center.

If you have stories, we'd love to hear 'em!


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