Cold and flu season has already hit our area...including my household.

I typically blame Iowa for my colds due to allergies that I have this time of year.  Every time a tractor is moving dirt around in Northern Iowa I end up with a nasty cough.  Well, guess what happened on my recent drive in Iowa?

FYI - Moms can't get sick.  Rides still need to happen.  Food still needs to get made.  Groceries must be purchased and the cleaning...we will leave that for another day. ;)

By the end of my show on Monday I had no voice, was tired and wasn't sure if I would be able to talk on Tuesday.  Since talking is kindof a big deal in the radio world, I needed some tips and suggestions.  I did what everyone does today and I asked my friends and all those listening on the radio, what tips or suggestions do you have for me so I can get over this cold.

I received A LOT of messages, texts, e-mails and help through social media.  It was A.Maz.Ing!  There were ideas I knew I could try out, some that I wasn't too sure about and others that were brand new to my list.

Because YOU were so helpful I am returning the favor and putting the Top 10 tips and suggestions given to me to get over a cold.


#10  Drink lots of fluids.  I totally agree with this one!  I once was in the ER due to dehydration and the reason was...coughing.  My Dr. informed me that you expel a lot of fluid each time you cough.

#9  Cold-eeze.  I have used this with previous colds.

#8  Essential Oils.  Peppermint, eucalyptus, thieves and lavender were mentioned to me.  I do use peppermint quite often due to my asthma...and I will say, it does calm down my lungs when they start to get out of control.

#7  Humidifier.  I don't have one of these but remember using these as a kid a lot (and I grew up in Iowa so you can imagine...the tractors were out in those fields all the time)

#6  Ziacam.  I have no idea what this is but many of you suggested it.  It is on my radar though for the next cold that rolls through.

#5  Steam Shower or Hot Bath.  Most of the suggestions said to take one of these at night.

#4  Vitamin C.  Load up!  Many of you shared products that you use over the counter to help boost that intake.  I did grab a few oranges and clementines each day to try to help add some more of this vitamin to my day.

You can find the Top 3 tips (which I tried them all!) at the video...

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