Some things in life are more difficult than others. Doing your taxes? That can be a little tough. Running a marathon? Also tough. But parking your car correctly in a parking lot in Rochester? That's not so tough-- but these drivers make it look like it is.


Few things cause me to shake my head more than seeing a driver who can't QUITE park their vehicle correctly in a parking space here in southeast Minnesota. I'm specifically talking about those drivers who pull into the space...and... stop.


They don't bother to straighten their vehicle out, they simply turn off the ignition, and hop out of the car-- even though it's only partly parked and is most likely encroaching on the spaces on either side.

Come one, man! If your vehicle is taking up more than one space, you're doing it wrong! Straighten your car out so it's evenly spaced BETWEEN both lines, will ya? It's not brain surgery we're talking about here, is it?!? What is it with these scofflaw drivers who refuse to straighten out their vehicle when attempting to park?!?

You've no doubt seen drivers like these around Rochester, too, right? And, while I don't have proof, it's more than likely that THESE kinds of drivers are the ones who park too close to your car and give you a ding in your door, too-- am I right? What's the deal with these people?!?

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