Jessica Williams asked me if she could put wine in the freezer to chill it quick. Of course, the answer is yes, go ahead. Have fun. Chill it up! But, if you're James Rabe, or even a little bit like James Rabe, do NOT put the wine in the freezer.


Click the video, you'll see. The cork was forced out, it tipped over, and it ended up looking like a penguin. Fortunately, it didn't make a mess in the freezer. It looked just like a slushie, which should have been GREAT, but nope. it tasted awful and I poured it all down the drain.

Three Things I Put in the Freezer and It Worked

BUTTER - I bought a bunch of fancy butter but didn't need it right away, so I popped it in the freezer. Took some out the other day, used it, and it was still really good!

VODKA - It is thick as heck, but with some lemon, so so SO good.

SHREDDED CHEESE - Freeze a bag, so when you add it to frozen pizza, it cooks at the same speed as the pizza. No burning.

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