When my daughter was little, Disney princesses were her favorite thing in the world!  She had 3 twirly dresses, dress up shoes, tiaras that she believed were full of real diamonds, and she even had a pink princess chair.  Cinderella and The Little Mermaid were the favorites but she would have loved to meet any of the Disney princesses in person.  If your daughter sounds like mine...I found the perfect princess event that is happening right here in Rochester!

The Disney Princess Royal Gala is coming to Rochester in May and tickets are going fast.  Here's all of the fun, sparkly info about this royal event:

Come One, Come All - to our Royal Princess Ball!
A day of magical fun for the whole family, brought to you by Dream Parties! You'll get an amazing opportunity to meet and greet your favorite princesses!

Dream Parties is bringing to you a one of a kind event with stage performances, dancing, stories, picture opportunities and more for some magical entertainment ! Your little one will get to participate in princess games, story time sing along, learn some ballroom dance moves and more. Our event is geared towards your 3 - 7 year old princess fan, though all are welcome!

Cinderella, Tower Princess, Beauty, Snow Sisters, Mermaid Princess, Sleeping Princess, Snow White, Arabian Princess, Frog Princess and more can't wait to meet you! Come meet us for a day you won't soon forget! - Rochester Royal Princess Gala Facebook event page

Grab those twirly dresses and get ready for an amazing day that your little one will treasure forever!  The princesses will be in Rochester on Saturday, May 18th and tickets are still available.  Find ticket info and more about this very sparkly event at this link:  Rochester Royal Princess Gala Facebook Event Page.

What other fun events are going on in the area for kids?  I'd love to hear about them.  Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram.

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