To the guy that was standing in front of me at the Weezer concert, Please, pretty please, go fart somewhere else!   From, a Weezer fan that almost threw up

My husband and I just celebrated our 19th anniversary and to enjoy the day we forked over some cash for the Weezer and Pixies concert at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.  The kids were off on their own adventures and we had a night out on the town enjoying food at a fancy place that didn’t even have a kids menu. That hasn’t happened in...well, ever.

Our seats at the Xcel were great!  Not too close to the stage but was in the path where the lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, would be paddling by in a boat.  I could almost touch him as he went strolling by...but I held back because I’m pretty sure the massive amount of security would have taken me to the ground.

We thought we hit the jackpot with our seats too because the seats next to us...empty.  We were hoping, just hoping, we would have a little bit of wiggle room and those seats would stay empty.  Well, that was wishful thinking. After Basement and Pixies played, the occupants by us in section 104 showed up.  And boy, did they show up!

About 2 songs in, I started to notice an odd smell.  It wasn’t a good smell, actually made me a bit on the queasy side and was more of a “way too much beer” type of fart smell.  In fact, it was a fart. I wasn’t sure who it came from at first but I had hopes it was just a one time slip and the loud concert would make it a memory I could easily forget.  

I was wrong.

Not just one more time but 6 times total this smell took over section 104 at the Xcel Energy Center.  Let me just put this out was NOT me. I was starting to worry though that people wouldn’t think it was me so I started looking around a bit with curious eyes and made eye contact a bit with others...just so they could see that I too smelled it but I was not the one who dealt it. was so wretched!

At one point, bursts of fire shot up on the stage and across and I had a little bit of fear that our entire section would just go up in flames due to the gas hanging around.  Pretty sure everyone in section 1-4 was contaminated and flammable at that point in the show so the fear was great.

I am happy to say that I survived the Weezer concert without any burn marks but I would just ask that if that guy ever sits next to me in a concert again (and I will always remember your face!), that maybe you hold off on those beers and bean burritos until after the concert.  Mmmmkay.  Thanks.  

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