This may be the worst top ten list I've read. Apparently, once you get past 40-years-old, you need to stop wearing certain clothes...and I don't know one guy that would quit any of these.

This is one of those surveys that just makes no sense to me. At all. A new survey found that men lose their fashion sense at 53 and 42% are proud of it! Well, judging from the men I see on Oakland Avenue or West River Parkway, that is WAY off. It's not hard to pair jeans and a polo.

But what really got me was the list of things men over 40 are s'posed to stop wearing.

Hoodies -'s fine for anyone to wear hoodies. Even if they have teddy bears or puppies. Hoodies are just comfy!


Track pants - Where? To a fancy dinner? Sure...but y'shouldn't wear 'em to a fancy dinner before 40, either.

Sports jerseys - Meh...I don't wear 'em anyway, but why? Why would men have to quit showing love for their team?

White socks - Ever? Not while working out? Not while walking the dog? This is just silly.

Baseball caps - So what? A fedora? If the hair is getting thing, the cap keeps the sun off it. Why are you trying to make people get skin cancer, dumb list!

Leather jackets - Sorry men on motorcycles...forget protection. Fashion comes first.

White sneakers But black ones are fine? What the what?

Band t-shirts - You can have my Incognito t-shirt when you can rip it from my cold, dead body!

Flip flops - Well, I think these are dumb at every age. Take Crocs with you while you're in the take-away mode.

Track jackets - Whenever you see a picture of a retirement community, there's someone in a track jacket. Good luck confiscating 'em all.