Caps and gowns, parties, food, and family all mean one thing…it is graduation time!  If you’ve got a party to attend, take these suggestions and tips for the graduate gift.  I got a lot of suggestions from the Y105FM Facebook page too and shared that below.

Top Graduation Gift Ideas

  1. Money!  Graduates could always use some extra cash.  This also makes it easy to help out that graduate no matter what their future plans are.  
  2. Gift cards.  So many stores have online shopping today that this might be the easiest and simplest way to make sure the graduate gets what they want.   Amazon even has a $50 gift card that can be given in a graduation hat box! 
  3. Noise canceling headphones.  These are spendy but will help tune out the loud, obnoxious roommate when it is time to study.
  4. Practical Stuff.  Rolls of quarters, laundry soap, laundry basket, ramen noodles, coffee...all practical items but things that every graduate should have handy.  Plus, the hope is that the graduate will do laundry on their own and not haul it home every weekend.
  5. An experience with you.  Yes, graduates need stuff but the memories they have with you are going to last a lot longer than a laundry basket.  Think about having, a day of fun around town before they leave home, eating at their favorite restaurant, taking a hike at their favorite trail, having a movie date where they can pick the movie and have all the “extras” they want at the concession counter.  

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