Are you having a "plain" Open House for your Grad?

I have a couple of sophomores and an eighth grader. Gonna be a couple years before we have an open house or a graduation party. Which is kind of a bummer, really. I graduation from both junior high and high school. Now it's called "Middle School", like the students are all Hobbits, having second breakfast, and they just advance from 8th to 9th Grade. We would have had at least three big bash blowouts by now! I'm so disappointed.

Do you have a family or cultural tradition for graduation?

  • At Wellesley College, they roll hoops in a foot race and the winner is tossed into Lake Waban.
  • In Finland, PhD graduates are awarded swords for their accomplishment.
  • The Kanazawa School of Art in Japan has the best graduation tradition! They are allowed to wear homemade costumes instead of traditional cap and gown!
Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017
Not a graduate, but he could be!           Getty Images

And then, there's Basha High School, in Chandler, Arizona...

What are you doing for your graduate?

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