The schools and officials have always been concerned about the students causing a scene at graduation. The beach ball, hats with special messages on the top, questionable clothing options under the robe…those really should be the least of their worries. The people in the stands cheering on the graduates – these are the characters we should be watching a little bit more. ;)

The Whistler - this individual has perfected the fingers in the mouth, high shrieking whistle sound. This is probably a parent with a kid that is in sports and you have most likely heard him and the same whistle at many football and basketball games.

The Overdressed – This individual will make you feel like you didn’t even try with your clothing selection. The 5-inch high heel shoes walking on the bleachers, the color-coordinated outfits as a family, and the crisp (also ironed and starched) clothes…all put your “thrown in the dryer for 5 minutes on wrinkle release” clothes to shame.

The Underdressed – there is a time and a place for acid wash shorts that are legit from the 90’s, complete with the actual worn-in holes, and a comfy t-shirt. A graduation ceremony is not that place.   This look is stating that you are either extremely comfortable with who you are as a person and honestly don’t care what people think or you just didn’t even want to try to look nice for the person that spent 13 years in school.

The Air horn Parent – The entire neighborhood now knows that the 167th child walking across the stage is yours. We are not able to hear the name of the 168th child though because your air horn was still going. Thanks.

The Waver – This is the parent that wants to make sure their child knows where they are sitting…so they wave for 5 minutes, go to the side of the railing to try to catch their attention, and continue waving until eye contact and a sympathetic wave back by the child is made.

The Late Arrival – work, traffic, parking, 2-year old that spilled their sippy cup all over their nice outfit – whatever the reason is, you are late for your own child’s graduation. Because you are late, you are now climbing over all of the people that have claimed the spots on the outside of the aisles because let’s be honest, no one wants to sit in the middle.

The Screamer – this is usually an entire section that will hoot and holler as soon as that one name is shared over the microphone. Nothing wrong with this because everyone should be excited about this accomplishment. It just makes it a bit awkward for the 299 other families that aren’t as loud as you.

The Texter – you aren’t sure if they are doing a play by play of the graduation or what, but you do know that this individual is far more interested in their phone than the graduation ceremony.

The early leaver – this is the family that stays just long enough to see the one person graduate that they came to see. The exit isn’t usually graceful either.  Everyone notices.

Who else is a regular at graduation day? Add your favorite in the comments!

Graduates, I wish you the best of luck and hope you have an amazing graduation day…with or without any of these fun characters.

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