Will the kids of right now be able to handle life when they grow up? A lot of parents are worried they won't be. According to this study, six in ten 10 parents, to be specific. That's a lot of kid and parents and worry.

But here's the thing. After reading that whole article on the study, it sounds like the reason parents are worried about their kids learning these things is that they're not sure they know how to do it. Keep reading for the solution to this problem.

The whole list is 50 life skills, so please, click here to see all of them. Until then, here's the top five.

Top 5  Life Skills MN Parents Worry Their Kids Don't Have

1. How to deal with stress
2. How to budget
3. How to deal with a broken heart
4. How to save money
5. How to pay bills

It is completely normal that parents might worry they can't teach how to deal with stress. Think about how many people are stressed, and how many people can work thru it. Why? Because you often have to turn to a professional to learn a skill. But here's some huge good news.


You can learn how to deal with stress, a broken heart, anxiety...all those things...by working with a counselor. Maybe a couple of months talking and building your "toolbox" to process stress, etc. and boom. You've done. it. And that's the BIG good news. You asked for help. You child or children saw it. So they know its OK to do, too. And they can see a counselor if they need extra help figuring out anxiety or whatever.

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The money things? I know they can be taught and modeled, but my mom and dad tried to do that with me. I just ended up ignoring it all until I was in a hole and THEN I thought, "Oh, yeah, that's right..."

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