I remember the days of working retail.  My first job was as a sales clerk in the mens department at JC Penney's.

As in much of the retail world, transition was common and I had the "opportunity" to work in the Twin Cities.  I ended up moving around in 7 stores throughout the area in less than a year.  Imagine walking in to a building you didn't know, a staff of 40 that you only knew by nametag and stock rooms that were hidden gems throughout secret doors you couldn't find.  Throw in thousands of customers on the biggest shopping day of the year that had some specific words for the "person in charge".  Well, that was the Black Friday where I realized I was done with retail.

There are a variety of apps and ways for shoppers to save money and time but there doesn't seem to be a guide for those who are shopping.  Anyone who has worked retail can tell you stories of their worst customer experience...even though we have been taught that the customer is always right.

Everyone deserves to have a fabulous day while they are at the store.  This includes those who are working in retail.  So, we asked you...the cashiers, sales clerks, custodians, those unloading trucks and managers...what tips would you give to shoppers?

If you have worked retail or do now, this video is for you and made by those serving in the store next door.

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