I was reading a blog about how mommy shaming really is good for you (blech), and it led me to a list of the ways kids misbehave and it made me smile. According to SWNS Digital,


  1. Jumping on the beds 70 percent
  2. Throwing things or playing catch inside 63 percent
  3. Slamming bedroom doors 56 percent
  4. Drawing on the walls or floor 52 percent
  5. Using screens after lights out 50 percent

Why am I smiling? First, I don't have kids, so I won't be cleaning ink of the wall or floor. But also, look how ageless the top 4 are. Until you get to five, I'm pretty sure kids have been doing these naughty things since 19-Dickity-2.

Even #5 can be replaced with, "TV". It's pretty innocent kids doing kid things stuff.

As a non-parent looking in, I hear so much about how our world has changed for kids...and if this list is accurate, kids are still just kids. This is good news. This is news that we haven't messed up our kids irreparably. This is news that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And thank God for that, right?

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