Friday nights are all about high school football!  We've got a few homecoming games happening but one specific homecoming caught my attention - the John Marshall High School vs. Mayo High School game on October 4th.  I know everyone will be cheering for their favorite team on the field but I am cheering for what is happening before the game even starts.

I've seen a lot of games in my life - games that I have played (or warmed the bench for) and years of my kids playing sports.  Through all of those years, I can remember quite a few moments where individuals or teams were not showing great sportsmanship.  It was like the other team was the enemy and hate seemed to be the driving force for the "w".  It wasn't a pretty sight and should not be the example we show in our community.  My heart was happy when I read about two local high schools in Rochester showing an amazing example of what community is all about...and sportsmanship.

The football teams at John Marshall High School and Mayo High School are coming together for a great cause.  They have asked everyone that shows up for the game to bring in a donation for the resource rooms at their schools.  These rooms are full of basic essentials which some kids at the school might not have or aren't able to afford.  The room is there for anyone to use, and can even be used anonymously.

Go to the game and cheer on those teams extra loud, but remember to bring one of these items for their resource rooms too:

  • full-size body wash
  • men's and women's deodorant
  • laundry detergent
  • tennis shoes/sneakers (new or gently worn)
  • athletic pants (new or gently worn)
  • city bus passes

Want to know when all of the Homecoming games and parades are for Rochester high schools?  You can find the 2019 Homecoming Guide here.

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