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Last year a listener asked me to find out how to get rid of unwanted fireworks and after a conversation with the Rochester Fire Department, I got the lowdown. You can scroll down for that info, but first...

The Rochester Fireworks Display was great this year! Kudos to Rochester Civic Music for planning and executing such a great plan. From the DJ's to the bands and the spoken word offerings, to the Rockets Red Glare, it was a job well done.

4th of July fireworks Minnesota, rochester
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I'm just crazy about Soldiers Field as a location, so much room for families to gather and for kids to burn off energy waiting for the show to begin. I know to kids it seems like forever, and if you're like me...same.

City of Rochester
City of Rochester

Also, how great did it feel to gather with people around you? Felt so much like a community. That's the Rochester I know. The Rochester that works together and plays together. The town that shows strength and kindness, love and understanding, and helps people climb that ladder.

Now, having spoken my piece (let the the haters send me email about how wrong I am...lol...no really, they will) let's get to how to dispose of leftover unused fireworks.

How to Dispose of Unwanted Fireworks in Rochester


(July 8, 2020) Allison W. sent me a Facebook message asking what to do with used and unused fireworks

Hey James,

Turns out my kids (9 and 12 year old girls) hate fireworks when we do them at home. My husband bought a ton of fireworks for this year and he and I were so excited to give the girls a great show. They love them when they're in Rochester on the 4th, so we thought they'd love these.

Nope. Tears. Not because they were scared, but because it really frightened our basset hound Charlie. Poor dears couldn't stand to see him freaking out, so we have a LOT of leftovers. But I can't find anywhere how to get rid of them. Is it OK to throw them away? Do we have to turn them in somewhere like old prescriptions?

The Rochester Fire Department (Captain Brett Knapp, Engine 16, Battalion 2 and boom) says, .

SamRyley ThinkStock
SamRyley ThinkStock

Hi James,

I understand you’re looking for some info on fireworks disposal. Thanks for checking in with us on this. It’s a very important topic now that the Fourth is behind us. RFD does not offer a fireworks disposal service, so it’s the responsibility of the consumer to dispose of them properly. A few things:

1. Similar to spent fireworks or those that misfire (duds), unused fireworks should be soaked in a container of water (outdoors and overnight if possible). Due to the chemical compounds inside, fireworks should not be soaked in natural bodies of water like lakes or streams. Also, do not leave any fireworks outside to be soaked in the rain, as runoff can make it into storm sewers and the environment.

2. Removing the fuse or wick helps avoid any inadvertent lighting as well.

3. While the fireworks are still wet, double wrap them in plastic trash bags in such a way that keeps the fireworks from drying out. Then dispose of them with the rest of the household trash.


Why Can't I Just Throw Unused Fireworks Out?

If you just toss fireworks into the garbage, there's a chance they'll catch fire / explode in the garbage trucks and at Rochester's solid waste management plant. There are lots of gasses around garbage, so please, go the safe route.

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