Pretty sure I had a look of shock on my face when the news broke that the beloved ABC & Toy Zone store in Rochester, Minnesota was closing.  A banner was put up announcing the closing and a bunch of "store closing" signs were put up.  Unfortunately, a few kids on Thursday decided to make things difficult for ABC & Toy Zone.


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Kids Caught On Camera With Signs Missing From ABC & Toy Zone in Rochester

A photo popped up on a few social media pages on Thursday showing the faces of kids holding the ABC & Toy Zone "store closing" signs that were placed by the store.  The signs were up for about a day - that's it - and were then seen in the hands of the teenagers and running down Civic Center Drive.

ABC & Toy Zone put a plea out on their Facebook page asking very nicely to have the signs returned.

ABC and Toy Zone Facebook page/Canva
ABC and Toy Zone Facebook page/Canva

The photo of the kids holding the signs was in the Facebook post but unfortunately, the post was removed.  I do have a copy of it, and the teens were clearly holding the signs and several of their faces can be seen.

UPDATE:  I did reach out to ABC & Toy Zone to check on this and they sent me the following note:

"They are coming back 🙂"

Hopefully, if the signs actually get returned but the teens should also be giving ABC and Toy Zone an in-person apology.

And like I say all the time, there are cameras EVERYWHERE now.  Why would you do this when you know your photo is going to pop up somewhere?

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Got Questions About the Closing at ABC and Toy Zone?

Several individuals have been wondering about the big dinosaur, the actual closing date and more for ABC & Toy Zone.  If you've got any questions, one of the recent Facebook posts, which you can see below, might have all the answers you are looking for.

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