Popular RochesterMinnesota restaurant that closed unexpectedly gives update on reopening date.

January 12th was a tough day for a popular Rochester restaurant.  Cameo Restaurant sent the following note out on social media with the sad news that they had to close unexpectedly due to a broken water line.

Inscription on a door: Sorry we are closed. Conceptual photo or table on door with information of work. Announcement or work schedule
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Due to the flooding of the restaurant from a broken water line outside our building on January 12th we will be closed for business until we are able to complete the restoration of our space. We are hopeful to be back open as soon as possible and will update when we know more. Sorry for any inconvenience and we look forward to serving you again soon. - Cameo Restaurant Facebook page

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

I reached out to the restaurant on Tuesday to see if there were any updates on a reopening date and they got back extremely fast with the following:

Thank you for reaching out! We are hoping to be able to open at the end of the week, but we are still waiting on some construction to get finished up. Once we know an exact date, we will announce it on all of our social channels and our website. Thanks again, hope you have a great day!

Toasting glasses
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Well, raise a glass because we have an official re-opening date for Cameo Restaurant!

We got some amazing news yesterday afternoon 😁 We will officially be able to open on FRIDAY! We would love your support after being closed these last few weeks; we are so excited to get back to cooking for you all. Hope to see you all on Friday! - Cameo Restaurant Facebook page

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Did you know that there used to be a bridge over South Broadway?  It's true!  Check out the photo of it below to see where it was along with quite a few other places in Rochester, Minnesota that now looks completely different.

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