Readin', writin' and 'rythmatic are going to a whole new level!

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Last Spring, during her Freshman year, my daughter forged a note at school. It was obviously not my handwriting. I don't usually put hearts over my I's. I put smiley faces. They didn't need to compare the signatures. She got detention, and I was kinda disappointed. She obviously knew better, and made a poor choice.

Seven-year-old Nathan brought home a note from The School last week. His mom, Lori, posted the note on Reddit. Mashable picked it up. The called him a genius. I'm not sure how genius this is, really.


Credit: Mashable Screen Capture

His mom wasn't buyin' in. And yet, she did give him an extra half hour of video game time the night after he brought the note home. 'Cos who really wants to risk an "F" in "Video Game Class"? It's Game Over then, man, Game Over! And then you have to start back at Level One.

So, the important lesson he learned is ingenuity works. He'll be thinking more and more outside the XBox.