Remember when you were in PE class and you were anxiously waiting to be picked for a team.  One by one, everyone else is getting picked, and then,'s just you standing there.  Well, right now, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa are all feeling like that last kid...and Walmart just walked on by and started playing without including us at all.

Ok, that might be exaggerating a bit but Walmart basically snubbed a huge part of the midwest in their latest announcement about the drive-in movies in their parking lots. A bunch of states are included but left on the sidelines wondering "why" are Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Walmart Drive-In Locations
Walmart Drive-In Locations

It was just a few weeks ago when we were all excited to have something fun happening while we are going through this pandemic. Walmart announced that they would be bringing family-friendly movies to parking lots at select locations. We all had high hopes that a Walmart location nearby would be part of that list.

Want to see what movies will be playing and where? You can find that on website hereWARNING: you will notice that some locations have more than one date for the fun parking lot movie night...which honestly isn't fair that they get two and we get zero.  And Walmart loves Texas more than us. Like, a lot more.  #justsaying

The only sliver of hope that we still have are the * and words after that say "subject to change and vary by location".  In other words, the website is telling us that there is still a chance.  Slim, and probably a .001% chance, but it is still there.

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