If this is your first time living in Minnesota during a winter, fyi, what's happening with our weather right now is NOT normal.

Although I am loving these unusually warm temps and driving on surfaces that don't make me wonder if stopping will be an issue, it is messing a lot of things up.  The warm weather is also confusing quite a few creatures who are showing up a few months early, including one that can leave a nasty and dangerous bite.

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CAUTION: Thanks to the Warm Weather, Ticks Are Back in Minnesota A Few Months Early

I wish I was joking.

Because the snow is practically gone in Minnesota and its been feeling like a warm, Spring day lately, ticks have started to crawl everywhere again.  I know.  If you don't believe me, here is some proof.

Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

As a forester, it's been nice not having to strap on snowshoes and trudge through a deep snowpack, during this incredibly warm Winter we are having in Minnesota, but, there are some downsides to the lack of snow. I picked up this little hitchhiker, while measuring trees, near Sandstone, today 👎. Early February, and I'm already picking up deer ticks!

- Seth Trobec on Facebook


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When Do Ticks Normally Show Up in Minnesota?

How early are the ticks in Minnesota?  According to the Minnesota Department of Health, "adult ticks will usually emerge right after the snow melts and reach peak spring-time activity during the month of May".

It's Time For Tick Checks in Minnesota!

If you are out hiking or have animals, you are going to need to start doing tick checks again.  And yes, I know, you've got your winter coats on as you are out walking around and sometimes it is cold enough to wear a hat, but ticks are blood-hungry animals and will find a way to your skin.  Check your skin!

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