It's not fun being sick...ever.  At least as humans, we are able to use our words and talk about what doesn't feel quite right.  When we have a pet that is under the weather, it can be a guessing game.  A dog in Rochester has been sick for a few weeks with some new symptoms and the owners are sharing so you know what to do if this happens with your dog.

Indy 3

Meet Indy.  He is what I passionately call, "the beast".  He is my large, yellow lab that weighs about 100 pounds.  He loves his family, walks, taking rides in cars, and also loves to eat.

A few weeks ago, Indy was really itchy from some allergies he seems to get every year.  They were getting worse though and our vet recommended changing food to see if his itching would get better.  We have always used Taste of the Wild brand and have never had an issue so we switched flavors and started the "salmon" Taste of the Wild dog food.

That is when we got worried.  Indy started throwing up in the morning almost immediately after he would eat.  Indy isn't a dog that drools but after he would eat, large amounts of drool would show up and just hang out of his mouth, just like Hootch in 'Turner and Hootch'.  Our mornings were a lot of fun and none of those pictures went on Instagram.  ;)

I started poking around the internet to see if anyone else has reported similar symptoms in their dog so we could start to figure out what might be wrong.  What I found shocked me a bit.  All of the symptoms our dog was experiencing were being described in pretty good detail by many others at, at this link and another one by  The cause - dog owners are thinking that it is the food.

We immediately changed the food as soon as we saw the complaints and concerns that were similar.  The issue may or not be due to the food - that we may never truly know - but we had to be cautious.  I'm happy to say that Indy is going on walks again and is very much his "beast" self again now that we are using a different food.

What should you do if you ever notice something that might be a concern with your pet food?  To help keep every pet safe, there are steps to take when you report a concern:

I have reported the issue so hopefully, if there is something wrong with the food, the bad batch will be removed and all dogs can eat happily again.

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