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Mayo Clinic's latest commercial is a totally different look in the You Know Where To Go campaign. It features the voice of well known (and award winning) actress Viola Davis. But, what exactly is that we're seeing in the picture up there?

Starting with Diffusion MRI imagery from a brain scan, director Shane Griffin and the Psyop CG crew create an intensely complex and anatomically accurate model of the brain and its neural interactions for The Mayo Clinic thru TBWA/Chiat Day. (From StashMedia)

Before this, their commercials were more down home. People making their way to Rochester, Minnesota in search of medical care.

Now tho, the people are gone and the look is, according to Sherri Gilligan, the Mayo Clinic's Chief Marketing Officer, hopeful.

“While Mayo Clinic can’t promise each patient a cure, we can uncover answers that spark hope and optimism for those who have seen so little. This campaign holds an incredibly powerful brand message that speaks to who we are at our core: an organization on the relentless pursuit of answers for our patients.”

Watch and tell us what you think.

ps - I LOVE Viola Davis's voice, and this is pretty eye catching, but I do love that down home style of the previous commercials.

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