You see a big picture of Rosanne Barr, you know at least one of the numbers has to do with her...or her new show. Well, let's dig into it. Today By the Numbers for March 29, 2018...

200 – You can get outta Rochester for a quick getaway with trips to three awesome places for LESS than $200. See where you can go by clicking HERE.

18.2 MILLION! That’s how many people watched the return of Roseanne Tuesday! That’s bigger than the previous series finale in 1997! Great reviews and ratings may mean a LOT more sit-com revivals!

74 – 74% of us say not getting a thank you for holding the door bothers us more than not having the door held open for you. 25% said it was INFURIATING! Hey, Charlie…slow your infuriated roll. You’ll give yourself an aneurysm. ps - I also gotta say, if you're really upset someone didn't say thank you, you might be doing it for the wrong reasaon.

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